Welcome to Crystal Chi Jewellery!

My name is Lucy and I’m a wife, mother to two furbabies, former counsellor and a lover of natural gemstones. Over the years gemstones/crystals have brought me much joy and healing and helped me through some difficult times. Some years ago I decided I wanted to be able to wear them in jewellery form but the only crystal jewellery I could find was sterling silver and out of my price range. I wanted to be able to wear different gemstones each day if I chose to so I decided to make my own and things took off from there.

I now offer you the chance to experience a wide range of different gemstones/crystals in jewellery format, bookmarks, charms and more, at great prices, to enable you to be able to wear a different crystal each day if you wish. Most of my jewellery is made with silver plated findings but commissions are also accepted at no extra charge if you don’t see the exact piece you are looking for or if you would prefer something in sterling silver (deposit may be required).

I also now offer gemstone carvings in various gemstones and different forms ranging from skulls and star beings (alien) to animals and angels. Crystal skulls are becoming more widely known and understood but can also be extremely expensive. While this is understandable for some of the amazing carvings available, in my opinion it is equally possible to receive all the benefits and joy from smaller, less expensive carvings.